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The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood Where Our Luxury Sober Living Facility Resides 



Best known for its designer boutiques, quiet living, and neighborhood feel, the Upper East Side is perfect for those looking to sit back, relax, and have all of Manhattan’s finest amenities at your doorstep.  The vibrant and diverse community offers every type of delicious cuisine from around the world, to your morning breakfast spot. Here, you'll find yourself catching a movie at an independent theater, strolling through Central Park, discovering new loves at small music halls and jazz clubs, galleries, gourmet markets, and many other well-known establishments.


our location


Fine dining

We believe that dining needn’t be expensive to be fine. The Upper East Side and its districts boast some of the best Sushi, New American, Vietnamese, and Mediterranean food in New York City, and all at affordable prices. Those looking for a more posh vibe will be happy to know that our neighborhood also offers restaurants headed by some of the most world-renowned chefs.



 Who said you couldn't reward your self with a little retail therapy, another form of bliss accessible in our awesome neighborhood. We're proud to be parked by some of Manhattan's finest brand flagship stores, and boutiques, giving a perfect excuse to stroll right before you head to Central Park.  


a few of our favorite places


the park 

Nature is the best cure for a cluttered mind. We're a few steps from Manhattan's Central Park, and just west of Carl Schurz Park. 


get anywhere from here

We're proud to say that the new 2nd avenue subway line is right at our doorstep, getting you anywhere in Manhattan within 20 minutes.