The Bridge NYC
Sober Living, With Luxury


The Amenities Offered At Our Luxury Sober Living Facility 



We have put thought into every detail as if this were our own home (actually, it is!) Our townhouse is large enough for a game of manhunt and includes everything from health food to a housekeeper.


fresh LINENS

Allow yourself to be embraced by fresh sheets and fluffy down comforters (not duvets. Duvets are the cover of the down comforter) In each closet there are extra blankets and pillows so you will never have to be cold. 


exclusive access to the Fun Clean Network


From surfing trips to meditation seminars, Clean Fun Network is a community and premier social network committed to a healthy, clean and fun lifestyle. CFN believes and wishes to share with its members, that enjoyment of life does not end with sobriety. It is the ideal organization for those seeking a fulfilling lifestyle by meeting others with like interests and creating fun with meaningful experiences.To achieve this goal, CFN offers a spectrum of life changing services including an app for spontaneous get-togethers, dating, signature events, trips and a comprehensive, website where members can meet and interact, all with a focus on enjoying life and establishing long lasting friendships and relationships.CFN signature services provide diversity and inclusively, sharing a high quality of life. Upcoming events will feature music, entertainment, sports, and niche interests such as cuisine, yoga, and more. Travel experiences encompass affordable and luxury options in the U.S. and international destinations.The privacy and safety of its members are s also a CFN priority and is carefully protected by the organization. CFN strives to always protect its members’ anonymity. In addition, a screening process is conducted with each potential new member to ensure that they share the organization’s commitment to having fun in sobriety. This ensures that CFN activities are not only fun and enthralling but safe.


Private Rooms

For those individuals looking for a bit more of a personal experience, we also offer private rooms at our facility. Private rooms will come with full access to all the amenities we already offer on-site. Please inquire about private room availability and pricing. 

maid service

Coming home to a clean room, kitchen, freshly cleaned floors, and well-kept bathrooms gives us all a wonderful feeling. Our maid service makes sure each and every room in our facility is spick and span. Oh and you're probably wondering about laundry, we've got that covered too.